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What to Do with Late Smith's Touchmark


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I recently bought a couple anvils and some random scraps and tools from an auction, and I went because a man who attended church with my family passed away. I didn't know until after he had died that he was a blacksmith, and his wife reached out to give me some literature she had. By the time she found out I was smithing, she had already had the realty company out to inventory his shop, so it was too late to be able to look through his stuff.

So I went to the auction, picked up his anvils, picked up some other miscellaneous parts, got a nail header so I didn't have to forge one (lol), and today I got around to actually going through some of the boxes. I found his touchmark in one and it made me stop for a little bit.

I'm planning on taking it to his wife and asking if she wants it. If she does, that's all well and good, but if she doesn't I still want to do something with it to commemorate his craft. It's his signature, and I don't want to just put it on a shelf. Any ideas, fellas?

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Yeah, cut two bronze plaques a bit larger than the touchmark is long. Strike his mark in the plaque with a brief epitaph. Particulars: Name, birth, death, a bit of detail, the usual. Yes? Forge nice clips, bracket, etc. to hold the touchmark on the plaque and a hanger or shelf stand to display. Present her with her choice and hang the other on the wall of your choice.

I'd do something like that were I in your situation.

Frosty The Lucky.

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