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From Cut Nails?

dave in pa.

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Hi all,

I have several thousand cut nails (2 1/2 inch long flooring nails) that I use for hands-on demonstrating.

I have done the twisted nail and loop on a keychain, the twisted fairy spoon on a keychain, the finger ring, and the small hook with hole.

What are some other forging ideas for these nails?

I need projects that can be finished within a 10 minute time frame per individual.

And I'm looking to give the participants more choices in projects



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Ten minutes is a rough limit; I consulted on a project using cut nails as rivets to build a small viking faering.  (They were having trouble annealing them; I sorted that out and went on to introduce some more "traditional" tools that worked better than modern ones for what they were doing.)

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Only thing I ever did with them was make very small box opener blades from them.  The style was a Wharncliffe Blade profile with a blacksmith style handle on it. Just had to square up the head material, draw out the taper to make the handle loop, and shape the blade.  Quenched blade in water and hit it with the belt grinder to put an edge on it.  Wasn't meant to be a fine blade, just something to cut tape on Amazon boxes and the like.  Also, fits on a keychain!   Don't have any pictures since I gave away the couple that I'd made.

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I can't seem to find it right now but I think sreynolds posted about using shoeing nails for making flame finials. If I can find it I'll let you know..

Pnut (Mike)

Found it.  Projects and materials for a beginner.  Posted by Arkham.  I don't know if you'd want to make them as they do have a point but......

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