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Open die forged copper flowers

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2" truck axel and tolls used to forge the positive 20190423_090115.thumb.jpg.0a196e7c62d489962d4d9e896ca6104d.jpg

positive welded to flat bar and left cold.20190423_090139.thumb.jpg.47007337171a67af4936e8488241d170.jpg

a 2" block of mild steel was headed up and the positive was hammered into the block forming g the negative.20190423_090507.thumb.jpg.5fd4b7cf3531783a367d235554eb001e.jpg

copper disc placed on the lower hammer die and the open die is placed over the top of it. This is done because the disc can hop around which when the hammer comes down can mess it up by double stamping or even just flat smashing the copper cause its half in and half out of the die.20190423_092533.thumb.jpg.739df8996f889c9b2aa51204063561cb.jpg20190423_112902.thumb.jpg.329b9cf6bc92df53ae37927b585f7f68.jpg20190423_112915.thumb.jpg.165a7ef02fe0ad487866223fb372837f.jpg

copper discs forged in the open die and then cleaned up with a wire wheel.


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