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T-bone, Porterhouse and other steak questions


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Whats the difference between a t-bone and a Porterhouse?

On both there is a small piece of meat on one side of the bone and a large piece on the other.

Why is the small side always more tender than the large side and why is the large side always more tender on the Porterhouse than the t-bone?

If you cut the small side off and sell it by it's self what is it called?

And what then happens to the large side? Is it packaged as something else? What is it called?

Why does the fat on the edge on some cuts of meat turn to gristle and on others it turn soft and full of flavor?

And finally - What are you putting on the grill this Friday?

Happy 4th! :D

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They are both out of the hindquarter. The t-bone is from the front end of the hindquarter. The porterhouse is the next cut but before the sirloin. The smaller tender part of the t-bone is the tenderloin (which would be the backstrap). As far as grilling on the 4th. I have a beef brisket that we will smoke but, since that will take many hours, I may need one of the t-bones to keep up my strength.
Have a safe holiday,

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I'm doing pork ribs this Friday as I have a good process that makes 'em tender and juicy.

About an inch thick T-bone is probably my favorite cut - filets are good but it's hard to beat a nice T-bone with a baked potato and some sauteed mushrooms.

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Tbones and porterhouse steaks come from the back bone. Tbones usually come from the area clostest to the tail (therefore smaller and the porterhouse is closer to the shoulder). The smaller piece of meat is the tenderloin and the other if trimed from the bone is a ribeye steak or if left whole is a prime rib roast.

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