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Tree Identifacation


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We stopped at the mother in laws new rental place and there was an interesting tree out back.  First though was osage orange with the round seed balls. But a  quick google kinda says it's something else. Unfortunately no new leaves just yet.   Does anyone know off hand what it might be.  Sorta had my hopes up it was osage and I could steal a few pieces for bow wood





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Sycamore. Seed balls and bark are the identifying factor.

Image result for sycamore tree

The Webster Sycamore reached a tree height measurement of 112 feet (34 m), a tree crown measurement of 90 feet (27 m), and a circumference of 25.75 feet (7.85 m) at breast height.  At the time of its death, the tree was estimated to be over 500 years old.

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Glenn is right.

I am curious as to where your mother is living. Sycamores are found in the Eastern United States.

They are only found in Canada in the extreme South East of that province.

I only first noticed the tree when I moved down to Missouri. I never saw them in Quebec  or Ontario, nor in northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York state.

The wood is somewhat difficult to work with as the grain is twisted, and hard.


Osage orange trees are now planted as an ornamental tree in much of the U.S.A. It is also planted in Ontario.  But that province is a long way from British Columbia

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Mr. D. Soldat,

Why am I not surprised that that you saw a sycamore tree in Kelowna B.C.

I would not be too surprised if some one was growing orchids, outdoors in the Okanagan valley. I suspect that the climate is considered sub-tropical,  in some secluded places,   there

You might try to contact a local woodworkers club,   and ask them where you could find some osage orange.

Good luck with it.


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