thoughts on hydraulic press design

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I've made a design for a 20 ton forging forging press  that i'm planning on building. the main beam will be an HE-b 200 I-beam that will be stuffend up with 2 10mm thick plates in the I-section to prevent torsion in the I-beam. total height will be 1400mm and the usable stroke is 350mm. 

i'm no quite sure how i'm going to attach the dies but i'm leaning towards drilling and tapping holes.

any idea's, advice and pitfalls would be nice



forging press 1.jpg

forging press 2.jpg

forging press 3.jpg

forging press.jpg

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While I personally have no experience with this myself, I've seen a number of setups where the dies would simply slip horizontally into a holder that would keep them from shifting around. Always struck me as a good way to switch things out without having to find an Allen wrench, worry about distorted threads, etc, etc.

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That should have good torsional strength I have made wood splitters with RHS and heavy plate welded to it that has the same cross section as that. An I beam does not have much torsional strength compared The RHS beam will be my method of construction when I build one for piercing hammer eyes etc

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I've used some super heavy I beam type presses that tended to flex some when under a lot of pressure.  I see that you have reinforced your beam, but unless its super thick steel to begin with, I would recommend welding a strong back to the rear of the I beam.  Building your dies on plates that just slip into  tracks made from inverted angle iron works well, and change out really quickly and easily. Good luck!.

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Posted (edited)

made some progress on the press this weekend and found a better power pack than the small one i bought. 

still need to make a base for the bottom dies but i ran out of steel :( time to go to work and look in the scrap bin :)


standing it up was a challenge on its own she's got a lot of gravity to her! the plan is when she's finished i'll put her on the forging table in the back where the hole is cut.



the new power pack 2.2kw  @  220v     80L/min and max 250 bar pressure and the flow and pressure are controllable by adjusting the mirror, o also put in quick disconnects to the control valve.



all connected up and ready to fill the tank with oil and give her test run, but for now i'm gonna have cover it up and find some time in the next couple off weeks to continue working on the press and some home inprovement.




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