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I got a few items made in the past few months. All of them gifts for family. The boards the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones and I’m very happy how they turned out.

For my mom, I made her two cutting boards and a santoku influenced kitchen knife. The end grain board is made out of cherry, Padauk, and Peruvian walnut. The other one is black walnut, Padauk and maple. They both are finished with food grade mineral oil and Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner. The knife is 6.5” with Bubinga scales and is made out of 80crv2 with a mustard patina. 




For my sister, I made a nice big ~12x18x1 endgrain cutting board out of walnut, maple, Padauk, and Canary wood. It was finished like the others. The knife is 80crv2 with maple, copper and cocobolo with a mustard  patina applied. It has a 6” blade and 10.5” overall. It’s light but she says she really likes it that way and the balance is perfect at the heel so I’m cool with it. The block/saya is hard curly maple with a walnut spacer. 






The left and right ones I’m making for myself so I have something to cook with this summer. And the middle is for my dad so he has an actually decent knife :ph34r:.



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