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Unknown make Tuyere

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Hello to all; I picked up this Tuyere and it has no markings, was wondering what make, what size forge to build around it, or if I should use it at all.

It is Big, and the local Mennonite Fellow who has a machine shop (he is 85 yrs old) has never seen one like it. The ash dump cast was broken and I had it welded by the aforementioned Mennonite fellow.

Any help, comments are most welcome













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Bellows fire pot, goes in a flat bottomed forge, mounted on the flat, the idea is that clinker will slide down out of the working area, so fewer cleanouts needed. Best with a shallow bowl built around it.  Size?---yes definitely!  (What size do you want/need?)

You can find them for sale in the Sears Roebuck Catalogs from the early 1900's.

Do you have/want to build a double lunged bellows to use with it?

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I was going to use a hand crank blower. I was thinking of a 3' x 3' plate steel with a firebrick floor, and cast refractory on that.

Or Sell it.

G George

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