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Forge Plaster Emergency!!

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I need suggestions for a good plaster for my forge. I was using plaster of paris and sand and it didn't hold up well. I also tried bentonite clay and sand and it's very crumbly. I need to find something quick because I have a vendor fair coming up and I still have lots of stuff I have to make ASAP! I'm in NC. I need something that I can pick up at a store or order on Amazon since that would be the quickest. Thanks!

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You put this in the solid fuel forge section.  With a solid fuel forge it shouldn't matter too much what you use for the forge basin, provided it isn't flammable, is somewhat configurable to keep your fuel in place and doesn't mess up your air supply.  Bentonite clay and sand should work well, or just cheap bentonite cat litter...

On the other hand, if you are talking about a gas forge you need a completely different type of system, ideally with multiple layers of insulation and refractory.  I  believe that Glen has a new forum section where he sells small amounts of same.  Suggest you refer here:  https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/254-gas-forge-refractories-and-supplies/

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