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Newbe in welding & Hotwork for Hobby

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I am a Norwegian presently living in Thailand with my family.
I am a Merchant Marine Captain on tankers in world wide trade.
I am experimenting with small Hydrogen fuel producing units (Primitive experimenting) & have a problem of getting workshops around to do what I need to have done. (Almost same as I want, is not good enough!):mad: So I decided to learn how to work with metals myself cutting / grinding is fairly easy. :rolleyes:The welding / soldering of parts is not! (Well, not to me!) As I have no ref. or experience in use of the various equipment. :o
I have just started this Hobby at home to keep myself occupied while waiting for new employment.
Today I purchased a small portable Ac/Ox set for 150$ since I figured it is more use full for other purposes as well as Cutting and welding. And I thought it might be easiest to start off with.
(I can get MIG/TIG for around 200$ - up.)
But I do not really understand the mix ratio of Ac/Ox, nor what sort of media to use as a welding rod as the shops tell my that I can Not use a normal Arc Welding rod for SS?
I will mostly (To start of at least) be working with small pieces of SS SUS 304 that will have to be soldered / welded together. Anyone out there, who can give me a quick & easy briefing in the use of this Acetylene / Oxygen unit? Adjustment / preparations /general use? :confused:

And also, I guess for MIG/TIG unit the price level should not matter to much since I am not a professional and the equipment will only be used when needed without having it running all days 24/7.

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