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1896 Kern Camelback Drill Press restoration

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Hey everyone, I just recently picked up a Kern Machine Tool CO. Camelback Drill Press. It was originally purchased and used by the Maysville hydroelectric plant blacksmith shop servicing Salida Colorado. When that shop modernized it was shipped to the Glenwood Springs shop. Finally when that shop modernized as well an employee bought the drill, I then bought it from him. So this drill has seen a lot of use and history.

I want to lightly restore the drill and make use of it in my shop. It has been well taken care of and the Babbitt was only poured 5 or so years ago and seems tight with remaining shims to go. To which end I am turning to my fellow smiths for knowledge and advise. So here is what I need to know.

1. What arbor taper does it use? I think it is an mt3 but I am not positive.

2. It came with the original working motor from 1896 which is 220 volts 1800 rpm and here's the kicker 2 phase. How can I convert my single phase 220 to 2 phase 220.

3. If I have to get a new motor what motors do those of you with your own Camelback use? Can I gets picks of the data plate.

4. should I just spruce it up since everything moves well and works, or should I do a complete tear down. 


Thanks in advance for the help I will add progress pics as needed 










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No reason to tear it down.

It looks small in the pictures, probably a Morse taper #3 could be a two.

Mount the motor to the floor next to the large vee belt pulley. This will require bolting the drill press to the floor too and is the simplest most common way.

You could alternatively make a bracket on the floor, bolted to the drill press if you don't want to bolt the whole machine down.

2 phase 220 motors run fine on "single phase" 220.  If you think about it, the only single phase is 110. 2 phases of 110 give 220. Alternatively it would also run on 2 legs of 3 phase.

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