Large Ford Tie Rod End

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I make chisels, punches, drifts, and fullers from tie rod ends, but this one is much larger than any others I have used. It is marked “ford p622d”.

i don’t need a drift as thick as this. My Hardy hole is small. 7/8” I think. To use such a thick drift I would need to fabricate a portable Hardy hole. I suppose I could make a few handled punches?

I don’t know the proper name for it, so will just say the ball that goes in the socket. That I think I will forge into a handled center punch. 

What about the socket?  It sparks pretty well. I am thinking I might cut it and unroll it to use as the bit in a hatchet. I have wrought iron wagon tyres to use as the head. I thought I might forge weld the bit into the head. 

The axe, should I use mild steel at first rather than experiment with my limited supply of wrought iron?


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