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Propane behaviour at gas cutoff

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Thomas Powers -

I ran out of sanding paper to finish the handle. I will go grab some tomorrow and hopefully finish it then. It's pretty much the only step left. It does feel like a knife which is pretty exciting. The proportion are a bit off as I tried to make the micarta myself and it was too thick. Next time, i'll definitely buy the micarta or a blank of wood (I have a nice wood shop near where I live) to concentrate on making a better blade. I also have a lot of air bubble in the epoxy as I used scotch brites and didn't properly press out the bubbles. I also didn't wrap the blade properly and epoxy went on the already battered plunge.

Frosty -
I am not saying that my knife look like crap. I was saying that I wasn't worried too much if it did look like crap or if it had flaws on it. I made sure that my forge was safe first and foremost, and then worked on the blade to the best of my ability. I am pretty happy with the results so far. Even with all the flaws, It does feel like a knife and I will use it in my garage for sure.
I'll post pics by this sunday hopefully.

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Thomas Powers -
Here are 2 photos. 1 showing the marks left and the second showing the knife in it's entirety.
I am not sure how I missed it, but the tip of the blade is way too thick compared to the rest of the blade. And the plunge was supposed to be 1/8 longer.
I made a few tests with the knife before taking the pictures to see if the knife would hold an edge. I hammered the knife to cut through wood, I cut through old sand paper , i cut through softwood (don't have any hardwood around) and the knife is still cutting great. I will need to work more on the tip though.
Overall, i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I really like the scotch brite micarta and I will most definitely try to make a better one with different colors and no bubbles. I sanded the handle to 600 grit and gave it a small polish with the polishing compound that came with my dremel. Not the best, but does the job.
I already started researching my next project. This first knife was a lot of time and struggle but kept me wanting for more.



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