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Hey, I'm new to the world of smelting, I'm going to turn an my useless 23'' Weber BBQ into a Foundry. My question is, what should my refractory solution be? I have a 50lbs bag of Mortar Fire Clay. I look online, and i can not find silica sand. perlite also seems really expensive. I'm looking for any suggestions, as I could us it graciously.

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OK; it looks like you have little background in these fields as you are basically asking  for a dump truck that will win Formula One races.  We all had to start somewhere.

Melting is very different from smelting, and is much easier!  However molten metal is MUCH more dangerous than  solid hot steel even if the steel is 500 degF hotter! I strongly suggest you find a local "backyard metal caster" and get them to teach you.  I learned by taking an out of hours brass metal casting course given by the art department of a local university.  (Many community colleges here in the USA have jewelry casting classes; but that is quite a bit different than multi pound pours of Al or Brass.) Have you spent time over at alloyavenue.com a series of forums dedicated to backyard metal casting?

By "fold steel for swords" I assume you mean pattern welding?  This is a very advanced technique .  Have you done a lot of single steel swords  so you have all the basics learned on cheaper less time intensive materials?  I assume you have already made your weight in knives if you are ready to go on to swords.  You do realize that if you are not skilled and experienced that folding steel will make it *weaker* than using a single piece for a sword, right?  (I welded my first billet around 1984 and study historical ferrous metals technologies.)  

If you were only here in the USA I would suggest attending some classes at the American Bladesmith Society school(s) to get a jump start on forging good blades.

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