Flat twist Blacksmith basket..

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I cleaned up the most recent one made and I came to the conclusion it is possible to do and to keep it cleanly done.. I had a couple of breakthroughs and if all goes well in the next 3 or 4 days I will give it another go.. 

I don't have a way of making the welds any better as far as simplicity goes..  so those will stay tough.. I did figure out a few other things though.. 

Here are the clean up pics before going back in for color.. I"ll spend a little more time making it a little smoother with some sand paper and wire brush.. Then I'll add some scale back.. 

it is an amazingly comfortable handle.. 




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Well,  I am all done..  I learned a bunch doing these..  I also learned that one can not be sloppy at all.. Unlike a regular basket with round or sq bar they just flow together.. 

Not so with the flat twist..  I learned so much..  a few ideas were bogus but the things I did learn were amazing.. 

It feels absolutely amazing in the hand and the pictures do it no justice.. 

I will be making a video on the subject but don't know if it will be a how to or not..   

When I started out on this journey.. I really just treated it like any other twist handle with some wiggle room..  There is 0% wiggle room this is the largest thing I learned..  There is no room for error in rod length..  I had 1 rod that was about 1/8" longer than the rest and it plagued me the whole time..   I had thought I could just message it in.. NO way.. 

I might do one more but it won't be filmed..  .. I have the footage from this one so will see about the video.. 






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