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I Forge Iron

I'm having a go at making youtube videos and this is my first one

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I agree to eliminate the music. Reduce the logo to one half size as it distracts from the video image.

At the vert start of the video, briefly show us to the finished product. That way we can see how each step in the process contribute to the whole project. 

Overall a good presentation. Thanks

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The sound in my shop is awful, it's just fan whine, so I can't really use the audio I capture with the video. So this is me leaning into that fact. I'm also not aiming for a a hard tutorial style of video, more a entertainment watch me make the thing kind of video.

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Karn, you have a very good, instructional video.  I like the closeups where one can see the detail work better than a lot of other videos taken further away. 

I agree with the others' comments regarding the music....lose it!  I turned it off at about 0:15, as it was very annoying.  It is a negative aspect of an otherwise very good video. 

Your bottle opener is very appealing, nice lines, clean work, functional.  Congratulations on job well done!

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I thought it was very good, I agree on the previous comments about the lighting and showing the final product at the beginning, that might keep viewers more interested. The music isnt horrible but maybe if it was quieter and played over the shop sounds might be better? 

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Did you choose that music to be annoying? It's actually worse that the Youtube videos where the burner noise drowns out everything. 

You need to either close the roll up door or put the camera on that side. Back lighting makes the camera adjust exposure to the bright daylight behind the subject rather than on the subject. It also makes your shots black out worse when shooting glowing yellow steel. 

Bright lights on the anvil face will help keep the camera from "exposing" on the yellow steel. This is called "stopping down" in reference to how open the iris in the camera is set for us old time cameras folks.

What you must bear in mind when shooting pictures, still or motion is the camera's eye view. Your's isn't important to the picture. Framing is second only to the lighting, without light you got nothing to frame. For example. I'm Right handed and prefer to have my light source behind me and to my right. This gives my dominant eye the best light and my left eye better shadow play for best depth perception. We don't have to think about or plan this, it's automatic on an instinctual level. It's also natural to put the camera where we can see it. Unfortunately it's opposite of what a camera needs for good exposure. 

If I put the camera across the anvil from me it's looking almost directly into the light so all it sees are silhouettes. Picture mountains with the sun setting behind them. Black outlines no detail.  

Does any of that make sense? It's intended as a useful critique, I'm not just finding fault.

Your framing is good and it's a good how to video. I think you'd do well to buy good editing software so you can dub in narration. That way you don't have to worry about shop noise interfering with what you're describing. 

It's a good job, it just needs tweaking to be excellent.

Frosty The Lucky.

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As most of the steps are self-explanatory, the video seemed fine to me.  I would've put the closing sequence up front to give the context for the subsequent work, but other than the exposure issues I've no other critique.  I could deal with the music, though a song that's a little less repetitive would be nice.

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