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bandsaw gearbox lube


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What type of seal does it have on the shafts, that may make your decision for you. if it has laberinth type seals then its grease lip type seals then you can go for oil. A Master diesel mechanic mate of mine said that you have to be careful not to use gear oil with Extereme presure aditives in it as those aditives will react with the copper in the bronze/brass. maybe a semi fluid gear grease will cover all the bases

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ATF has extreme pressure additives (and that is what gives it that smell) and their are brass bushings in Auto trans. Is he talking about the hypoid gear oil (90w acualy being grease)?

Harleys haven’t used auto chain oilers in years (major cause of their piddling). 

Lubricants have come a very long way in the last 90 years,

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He was talking about gear oil I cant remember what the aditive was and after some research I brought some Total Carter EP 220 which says it has extreme aditives but is suitable for Bronze worm gears so maybe it depends on the aditives added. The good old 90 diff oil does have a disintive smell but im no expert on the slippery stuff


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