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I Forge Iron

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Hello all,


I'm excited because I have just picked up my first 'real' anvil. It was quite cheap but has to be better than the improvised 'H' beam I have been using.

It has a raised casting saying 'HEYFIELD 1CWT' and that's what it weighs.  I live in Australia so maybe pretty obscure.

It has an obvious casting line and doesn't appear to have a hard face-plate. It looks old "It was my grandfather's" said the vendor.

It rings beautifully but has only about 50% rebound.

However, right in the working area there are a few hammer marks, semi-circular divots about 1/2 to 1 mm deep. Otherwise the face is flat and quite true.

What advice? Live with it as is or attempt to fix. If you think I should 'fix' the face, how? I'm tempted to hammer the hell out of it and see if I can re-form the metal.

I am very new to this so I would appreciate any wisdom.

I'll post pictures soon.




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First determine if it is cast iron or cast steel.  If it is cast iron, use it to fund a better anvil purchase down the line!

Work hardening has been used traditionally for some softer anvils that are NOT cast iron.  Of course just using it would accomplish that to a point...

Please do no subtractive face work on it!

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