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New bench grinder

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I do a lot of my finishing work on the wire wheel, mostly descaling. I've had a Delta bench grinder for many years, but it's only a 1/2 hp. With an 8" wire wheel on it it bogs down, so I decided to upgrade. I found a good deal on a 1 hp Jet, so that's what I got.

So far I'm pretty happy with it. It certainly doesn't bog down, and it runs quite smoothly. I bought a twisted wire wheel along with it and that thing scares me a little. It will take any material off steel, even the steel itself. I had a piece of old rusted 3/4" rebar with concrete still stuck to it and it picked it clean. 

I put the wheels that came with the Jet on the Delta for sharpening and grinding tools. I now have a pretty decent grinding station.



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Keep the guards in place, and close, while using the grinding wheel.  ALWAYS keep the guards in place and close when using the wire wheels. They will grab the metal out of your hands and throw it back at you before you realize it happened.  Watch for grinding dust and loose wires being thrown from the wheels.

Eye protection and respirators are required. Additionally a full face shield is suggested. Heavy aprons are good for this type tool.

Before you use either the grinder or the wire brush, step to the side and turn on the tool. Let it run for a minute or so before you start to use the thing.  The grinding wheels have been known to come apart from impact, wear, or defects and you want to check it runs at speed before you use it.

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Well said Glenn. 

I consider the wire wheel to be the most dangerous tool in the shop. I've been bitten a few times, and it happens so fast there's not much you can do but try and get your hands away. The little one wasn't too bad, but 1 hp will show no mercy. These things are not to be trifled with. 

To answer the question about wheel size, I would not use anything larger than what the machine is designed for, which is 8 inches. That's plenty big enough for any job I have. 

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