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Fisher Anvil - 400 lb+ value

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I am looking at a Fisher anvil that's due to come up at auction soon. I am trying to determine a fair value for this monster. I have a few anvils in the 200 pound range and this one would dwarf those. On inspection, I know it's a Fisher from the obvious foot marking but I was not able to see the # marked on the one foot.....but I could feel the #....it was a 4 or a 5. The condition is overall very good but the table is missing a sliver of it's top, almost like someone filleted 1/2 inch off the complete table except about 3" on the hardy hole end. I know this kills the condition but everything else is very good. As is, I know the table issue may kill the value from it's usefulness. Can the table be easily repaired? I would appreciate any value and repair advice. Thank you!

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That anvil is worth about twice as much here where I live now as it would be where I last lived about 1500 miles away.

Since you may live in Greenland, Australia, South Africa, Europe, I can't even guess what it would be worth there!

Now we need a picture of the face as your description makes my very hesitant. Fishers had a tool steel face and a cast iron body. If the face has delaminated then the anvil is basically worthless---scrap cast iron. If there is still good face left than it's still usable.

With the information you have provided the anvil is worth somewhere between US$5 as scrap rate for cast iron and US$1500

About 10 years ago I bought a 500# Fisher in mint condition in Columbus OH for US$350 which was severly under market value. I wouldn't sell it for US$2000!

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