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I Forge Iron

Bronze Coated Steel

John Becker

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First off, correct me if I'm wrong, but this seemed like the best place to post this question.

The other day I found a bunch of these rods in my basement: 


To me they feel like steel, they weigh the correct amount and my hacksaw cut it similarly to steel, but they look like they're coated in bronze or brass. My question is this: are these safe to stick in the fire? I'm concerned about there potentially being some zinc or other dangerous metals in the coating. 

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Possibly a copper clad grounding rod, the kind used for electrical installations on house exteriors. Does a magnet stick to it? I'd grind it down to bright steel, or burn it off outdoors and downwind of any humans. I did some forging after a couple days of copper sanding and the copper dust was in the air and getting burned in the forge. it felt like a horrendous whiskey hangover the next day. 

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John: Never risk working with plated steel! Alaska prices a 20' stickof 1/2" sq. cost me $33. A night in the hospital runs a few hundred $$ per hour, plus meds, tests, and such. Sponge bathes are over rated. Really.

Plating on a ground rod needs to be a little tougher than pure copper so I'm thinking byrillium copper, bad, Bad, B-A-Dness.

The rhyme to remember when scrounging scrap is: "Trust in Rust." If it isn't rusty you can't trust it to be safe. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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