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Flame Straightening done right

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After reading another thread about flame straightening/shrinking and the incomplete understanding of the process that some had, I thought this website would be instructive. Free advertising removed is the best in the business, and the damage they can correct using torches and come-alongs is nothing short of miraculous. Having used some of these techniques with varying degrees of success, one thing I can say for certain is that while the torch alone can move some metal, the process is way faster using mechanical means(winches, come-alongs) to hold the work in tension/compression.

Another good resource is the AWS publication C4.4 Recommended Practices for Heat Shaping and Straightening with Oxyfuel Gas Heating Torches.

I used this method years ago to bend a 1/8" wall 2" x 4" tube for a custom brush guard/bumper for a friend's truck. Here's a time lapse video of the process

And here's the brush guard...



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