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Hey, guys so after about five years of working off and on weekends at the local blacksmith shop in my area I have now gotten to the point that my home shop has finally come together enough to start using it officially. I got some pics to show yall and get your input on what you think I should be doing and what I am doing right. 


Here is the whole forge set up pardon the current mess. It will be much "Cleaner" once it's in use. Or at least more usable clutter than some of the trash there now. 



The star players in my shop. The anvil is an old one that belonged to my great grandfather so its got family history to it. The forge was found at a yard sale by my parents a year or two ago. And I got my hands on the leg vise at the local flea market for a pretty good price.


Here is a close up of the forge and anvil. The anvil has a year mark on it of 1898.


The vise was the most recent thing to get set up, and the final significant piece of the puzzle before my shop could be up and running.


So what do yall think? Let me know. 

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You have everything you need to get going there, but I would find it pretty uncomfortable working in the mud all the time. You need some drainage and a weather wall or two. But a great start nonetheless.

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Might run some PT around the perimeter and fill with gravel/sand/crusher fines?  I filled my 20'x30' shop floor that way using stuff out of the local arroyo---had permission from my neighbor to get it!

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