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I Forge Iron

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I'm looking to host an evening forge-in of sorts for a network of folks I've recently met, (non blacksmiths), more of a social event rather than a lesson, but I'd definitely still be watching over to guide. I think I could handle 6 folks at a time working in pairs so folks are helping each other out and not working alone. Each "forge=in" would probably last 3 hours, followed by a BBQ.

My initial thought is I should get everyone making very slightly decorative chain links, (something just a little more interesting than a standard link, NOT forge welded), then as each working pair's pile grows, we start to link them up into a symbolic chain. The next class of 6 folks on another day can do the same and slowly the chain grows...

Has anyone done any similar events? Has anyone got any picture references they think are relevant or got any other suggestions for items the groups could make? Cheers in advance.

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Well I prefer to have them make simple twisted toasting forks, one per person, that they then use to cook sausages/marshmallows etc with.


However one of the simplest chains:


Sorry for the picture we are losing the light here fast!

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Mine was made from the heavy but very mild steel wire they use to tie up bundles when ship rebar to stores that sell it over here.  It was a project for when I was just starting a demo and folks show up as soon as you light a match and want to see stuff going on while the fire is just getting going.  Very forgiving material. Makes a weak chain.

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