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Question about rigidizing Kaowool

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Hiya IFI! First time posting here, been a long time lurker. 


I've just assembled my first propane setup and I'm concerning about my kaowool rigidizing. I've been looking but I can't tell what it's supposed to look/feel like when it's properly sealed. Can any of you elucidate me as to what it should look/feel like? 

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Welcome aboard Brandon, glad you delurked. 

What are you using, store bought or home brew rigidizer? In either case you  just need to get an even coat. I recommend wetting the blanket before spritzing the rigidizer on so it'll bond well and penetrate more deeply. When dry and heat cured the Kaowool will be stiffer, not hard just stiffer. 

You can get crazy if you want and just saturate everything but I don't know how much more is actually better. I bought "fumed" silica from the plastic supplier close by and mix it with water till it's pump through a spritzer bottle. I just add ad mix water a little at a time till it spritzes.

A minute or two with the burner running cures it. Don't quote me on how long to heat it, my memory stinks. I'm sure someone will say soon.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty. Okay. I did some test burns earlier today and it seems to be holding up well but I think I'll throw the rest of my rigidizer on to be safe. I'm using the stuff that came with the forge I ordered from a certain Lithuanian maker. I work with Fiberglass on a day to day basis so I don't want to hit myself with the double whammy of that and kaowool. ^_^ 

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