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Mosaic Chef's Knife


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I need to do a few final touch ups, and still hope to take some nice pics of this one, but wanted to share a quick snapshot of my latest project.

I got bit by the mosaic fever bug.  This is my second attempt at it.  I had a little trouble with it getting crooked while squaring on the bias with one of the weld passes, but it turned out pretty neat none the less.  

The blade is comprised of 1095 and 15N20.  It's about 7" long, 1.75" high at the heel, and 0.15" thich at the spine above the heel.  Flat grind down to 0.005" at the edge before sharpening. (Which I haven't done yet)   The handle is made from stabilized box wood burl and brass.

I have the usual small collection of fit and finish issues, but i t turned out pretty good.  Some day I'll make a perfect knife... 


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It's a mosaic, so layer count sort of loses meaning.  The initial bar was 45 layered before being crushed to make the W's. 

That bar was quartered and restacked with some additional 15N20 between each piece. 

The resulting bar was quartered and 4-way welded with several additional pieces of 1095 and 15N20.  This last addition of steel creates the bold "X" shape you can see. 

This bar was then quartered and 4-way welded again.  All of this creates the pattern I was after on the end grain of the bar.

The final bar was cut into 3/4" thick tiles that were welded on edge (Commonly called a Ferry flip) to create a bar that I could forge the blade from.  

OK, that was a horrible explanation.  Here is a pic of the first 4-way weld.  It might help make it a little more clear.


Here is another of the tile cuts:


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Thanks for all the forge pics.  Very instructive, inspirational.  No way I would have understood how you did it without the visual aids.  Man what a process.  At first I wanted to ask you how long it took.  Then I thought, "as long as it takes."  2 tries or 12.  So what.  The result was worth it.  The veggie chops just put the icing on the whole beauty of the knife.  I love xxxx that works.

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