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55 forge (several pics)


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I managed to get a 55 gallon drum this week that used to have hydraulic fluid in it.  I was also able to get 2 different size brake rotors.

I started by overflowing it with a garden hose since I could tell there was some fluid left in there. I would rather have water on the shop floor than hydro fluid. Less chance of busting my rear from sliding around.

I then cut the front open.



Used my plasma cutter to Cut the bottom using a smaller brake rotor as a template.20190113_183017.thumb.jpg.02113cb4b3c169f32b7d6b779161081c.jpg


Flipped it over cut a slightly larger hole in the top using a larger rotor as the template 



Put the large rotor in the bottom hole.  It sets perfect in the smaller hole with the flange sitting on the drum floor.

Next I built a fire the boy scouts would be proud of. :D looks worse than what it was. That's just the hydraulic fluid and paint burning of the outside of the drum. 



After it settled down, I cut a V in the front so I could rest my work piece on and opened it up a bit along the top of the front opening.


Since it was all cardboard and paper in there burning and dinner was ready I let it burn out and called it a night.

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