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I Forge Iron

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Ive been given an old sandstone chimney and would like to put it up as a blacksmith forge  (continuous masonry forge and chimney all the way up)

I would like to hear from any one having experience with UNLINED forge chimneys, especially masonry types. Id like to put this chimney up in a traditional way, and use it, with care in that facility.

Ive also considered also running a shop woodstove in the same chimney, but have heard the two are not the same in how hot they make a chimney. It may be necessary to have an insulated flue for a woodstove and forge sharing type chimney.


Ive tried to attach a picture of what this chimney looked like standing, they were all built in this way in my area, large blocks laid on edge.



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Combining chimneys isn't a good idea, not so much because of smoke temperature differences but because of how they soot or creosote up in use. One of them can be bad enough but aren't to hard to control and clean. Unfortunately mixing them makes something like asphalt pavement that's hard to clean but every bit as flammable as soot or creosote individually. The mix makes for very nasty chimney fires. Separate chimneys for wood or forge. 

What I know about masonry construction is, hire a professional. Oh I'd just go ahead on it if I were making a fire pit or BBQ in the yard but there is a lot going on you have to get right to make a chimney to work properly and a forge chimney is trickier as the smoke is cooler. 

On a last note, you have assumed a category of your own in my long list of acquaintances. You are the ONLY person I've ever talked with who acquired a USED chimney. :huh: That's pretty darned high on my different is cool list. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Clay flue tiles are available from almost anywhere that caters to Mason's in this area.  They are safe, easy to clean and not real expensive.  As I can't see the construction from the picture I don't know if this is an option short of doing some sawing or hogging out.  A solid masonry chimney is one of the safest and easily maintained chimney's you can have and I agree with Frosty on being cool.  Your other options would be a flexible SS liner.  They don't last as long but might go a long time with only a forge.  I would second the thought of Marcusb one flue per.  Build and finished pictures....ya we want to see them.

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