Expandable grinding drum question

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So I'm looking into getting a 6 inch expandable drum for my grinder. Some of what I'm finding is showing their for farriers, some are saying lapidary, which I believe is stone work. Has anyone had any experience in grinding metal with one? I've not been able to find much, I saw one video of a guy talking about one but he doesn't say all that much about it other than he uses it for buffing and he needed a quicker way to remove metal. Just looking for an opinion if anyone has one or has seen one in action. Is it worth paying $40 for one or am I better off saving that money towards material for building a nice big belt sander, which I want to do in the long run eventually. Just would like to have something similar in the mean time. I already have a 6 x 36 disc/belt sander. If it's just going to be like a sander and not a grinder I don't want it and I'll just get me some fresh grinder wheels.

I have a 10 inch bench grinder btw.

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Can you tell us what you want it to do for you? You planning to do a whole lot of heavy grinding or just light amounts of clean up?

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