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A novel approach to flat bar slitting and drifting

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I needed to get some 1.5" holes drifted into 1.5" x. 188" flat bar. It was a struggle getting the slit hole opened up, so I rigged up this spring loaded bottom tool. It supports the work nicely without leaving any marks and gets the hole about halfway opened, at which point a swage block (or in my case, a chunk of DOM tube) finishes the drifting. 




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That is cool... I was wondering to modify a leg vise in a manner so the jaws would pinch shut with a spring; so I could use it to hammer a drift down without needing to adjust the opening.

But this method is way more simple, and seems more efficient. I'm going to try it at some point ...


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Well I used 2 trampoline springs and two steel wires around each post just below the box and screw. So I'd have a spring on each side pulling the jaws shut. I need to be able to remove it easily whithout unscrewing the whole vise to use the vise "normally" again.


Still; bebeaux's idea seems better. Mount a hardy hole under it; and replace the one spring with 2 springs; and it's a good solution.

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