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I Forge Iron

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I recently acquired about a 3"(Diameter)x10"(length) round bar of K-Monel.

I have found a bit of information on here about Monel, but I haven't been able to find anything about K-Monel or Monel K500, a bit of information about it: Monel is a nickel-copper alloy containing small amounts of small other materials. It is extremely corrosion resistant and can be used for highly acidic systems. K-Monel has the properties of normal Monel, with Aluminum and Titanium added for extra strength.

My questions:

1. Can you forge K-monel?

2. Does it get malleable enough to move by hand, or am I going to need a power hammer for this?

3. Would this hold up well as tooling? (Hardys, Butchers, etc.)



Thanks in advance!!

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Thank you for the replies, I was pretty sure it was a usable material, but the addition of Aluminum was why I was unsure. It seems like it IS forgable but it will take some work. You bring up a very very good point, Thomas.. I think I will heed your advise, though I will probably remove a small section to get some experience with it before I try to make a "wow" piece or accent.

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should you be a jesuit monk who is into self flagellation then i would guess that  the flowers are a good way to start:D that said a few years ago i used some monel welding rods to create some nice jewelry items .they were popular due to the exotic material description  rather than the "look"


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