Fishing knives, Christmas gifts

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I made a 600-ish layer billet for a kitchen knife (wip in one of the pics), had a chunk left over. 4” x 2” x ~3/8”. 


My lovely wife suggested I make her dad a fishing knife for Christmas. Her dad, and all 3 brothers are avid fishers. I decided I’d challenge myself, and stretched that billet to 4 knives. One for each. 


Because I forged nearly to completion of shape, and the high layer count, the pattern is REALLY squished in there. 


Handles are canvas micarta, beded fully with epoxy. I cut a small channel in the inside perimeter of the scales and filled it with epoxy. Idea being kinda like an o-ring to ensure I get a good seal. Sanded up to 400 grit, added single direction checkering lines for grip. 

Cutlery pins, heads ground a lot thinner so they stand up less. Then each persons initials stamped on the head of the pin. 








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We all know these fishermen don't live in Arizona, cause there're no places to fish in that state.  Lake Meade doesn't count.

Fabulous, working knives.  I'm jealous, envious, etc...

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Someone from Flint Michigan?... i'd understand you being weary of water. LOL


There are enough small lakes and streams, hidden gems, if you know where to look. They all live in AZ, with 3 being in the southeast part of the state

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