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Looks like our fall is starting next week: Today high is 29.44 degC, next tuesday it's 11.67degC and our first frost.  Not much time for a fall colour season; most trees are green and may go directly to brown.  I need to look into throwing a tarp over our cantaloupe plants.

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Thanks for the beautiful photos alexandr!  We got snow out here over the weekend.  Not enough to be pretty, just enough to be miserable and get your shoes wet.  

This was the bit of fun this weekend.  The boy bought it as his first motorcycle, so we had to plan around the weather to get it from the city back to our house in the sticks.  We convoyed back home because he hasn't had a chance to register it until today and he was frankly intimidated by the prospect of driving a motorcycle at 70 for the trip to the house.  The rush was to get back before the snow started.     



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So the front "improvised" half of my smithy.  (Built in two sections so far: first 20'x30' was commercially done all steel with a concrete floor, the second 20'x30',  a telephone pole pole barn with a dirt floor but all steel otherwise with taller walls and open eaves for added ventilation; AKA the "dirty shop".)


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