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13 hours ago, Frosty said:

 I even went so far as to listen to how it's pronounced and I just don't think I want any PUTIN on my plate.

Do you actually pronounce poutine, POOTN?

no thats the french pronunciation we call it poo-teen


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Don't apologize Alex I was mostly joking with you. Sometimes "No Fishing" regulations aren't so much for locals as for tourists, at least around here. You'd be amazed how some tourists behave. Maybe you wouldn't.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Kak krasiva! (If I recall my anglicized Russian correctly.) How beautiful! I visited a few locations back in the early 1990's. I played trombone in a church band that toured a few cities. Nishny Novogorod was one that stood out in my recollection. We went by train and it was great. What impressed me the most was the resilience and character of the people. Sure, there are always some bad actors, but for a society that was going through runaway inflation and shortages of every kind they seemed to be warm, friendly and intelligent. Everyone old enough to hold a book seemed to be reading all the time.

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