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How can I sharpen my tools to a razor edge? I don’t have any fancy machinery, just a few files, a vintage whetstone, a diamond file, and a Dremel. I made a nice hook knife for my dad for Christmas out of some O1, but it is still not sharp enough to cut paper.




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For those odd shapes, you can pick up slip stones at a fairly decent price and those can really help with some of the final honing.  Here's one example but there are a ton of shapes available--primarily for woodworking carving tools with all those odd profiles.  You still need to get the initial bevel right with a coarser stone to begin with--from the photo, you may still have some work to do there,  but the actual piece is not in my hand so take that with a grain of salt.


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Nice tool You made there.

On the pictures, which are quite good, I see that the edge is still much too thick.

Like most of these tools it should have a only single bevel on the outside.

If its single beveled and thin enough than You can sharpen (strop) it with a wet sanding paper file

maybe You take a look at this.Even if it is much bigger in the radius it shows excellent blade geometry, that will work fine and sharpen easy.



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