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I found this forum a couple of days ago looking for projects to inspire me, You all seem like a friendly bunch So thought I'd join.

I live in the UK. I've just started blacksmithing for a local museum which is quite strange, with people coming to watch what your doing all the time (even when your boiling the kettle on the forge for a drink)
I make tools and blades normally But need to start making some things more appealing to the visitors at the museum (Which I don't mind)
I've never had my own anvil So I'm getting good quality time on one at the moment.

Hope to speak with you all soon


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When you get the chance, go to IForgeIron.com > Blueprints. Another good place to visit is at the bottom right of the forum page, and click archives, then a section, then a sub-section. Don't thing everything is shown on the first page. Look for pages 2, 3, 4, etc at the top of the listing. Pack a cold drink and something to eat (grin), you may be there a while.

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Thanks Glenn, I've skimmed through the blueprints quickly (Thanks everyone who contributed to those)
I'll take a look through the archives, Are they the same as going through the forum? only easier to navigate.

Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do So I'll leave you all to it for now.

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