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I Forge Iron

Greetings and salutations....


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I have been a lurker of sorts for a few months popping in from time to time to learn a few things.  I finally decided to sign up and join in.  I am a marine engineer and scientist by trade and love designing and building things- just not usually in iron.  A few years back I saw some simple blacksmithing at a local renaissance faire and was hooked.  I have had the luck to take a few local intro and beginner courses and about 4 months ago got a simple gas forge.  This is a fun hobby, not a vocation or money maker.  I am working to develop solid technique and refine my skills.  I am learning the most from making mistakes :-)


I am in New Jersey, Somerset County, USA.

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Great; I went to High School in New Jersey, Holmdel High back in the early '70's.    

Have you read Alexander Weygers' book(s) (Collected in The Complete Modern Blacksmith)  He started out with degrees in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding and went on to do a bunch of other stuff including, art, aeronautics, blacksmithing, writing, etc and so on---put the poly in polymath!

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1 hour ago, ThomasPowers said:

Have you read Alexander Weygers' book(s) (Collected in The Complete Modern Blacksmith)

I have read some a while back in PDF.  Not my favorite format to read them.  I will see if I can find a print version. 

I've been in NJ about 12 years now. 


Speaking of books, any that show/illustrate the basics? I have found a few but they are more descriptive.  I like to see the steps.  Why I enjoy the more instructive YouTubers out there for just about any topic.

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