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What to do with gas bottles

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I have two low pressure propane bottles about 400 grams each, not big, but enough to make me nervous around the house. I bought them, but they are not high pressure enough for my torch, only for a little camp stove. How shall I dispose of them? I dunno if I still have the receipt, otherwise I'd just return them. Luckily they were only 3 dollars each, so I'm not out much.


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Take them to your local range and buy a box of tracers! :D (The little 1lb ones don't explode as such, they just sort of fly upwards...)

Needless to say, I am not reponsible for any injury, damage, death, holes in the space-time continuum or fun incurred...

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Don't sweat them, they're not particularly dangerous unless the house catches fire. They're also really handy when attached to a soldering torch.

Of course shooting them is fun too. Don't put them in a fire unless you have several hundred feet of sand, gravel, etc. nonflammable materials around.

Not responsible for any fool thing you may do, I'm just being silly.


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They arn't dangerous, get yourself a soldering torch and you will be surprised at how much use you find for it.
I have several in my shop and one I keep in the house, they are great for lighting fires, I never waste time with matches or lighters, just grab the torch and light whatever it is your trying to burn.


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If you are set on getting rid of them, check with the local land fill to see if the hava a recycling area for metal. Here where I live many people take the larger propane tanks for Gas grills there. Alot of time they are full. The people at the land fill just let out the gas and then recylcle them if they don't take them home and use them first.


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