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Easy 1 Hour Project Ideas Requested

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I recently finished building my first forge and I have a lot of folks including friends and youngsters I could view as "mentees" (People to mentor) who want to come enjoy it with me.  That is really one of the reasons I built it, so I don't mind.

So my reason for posting is to ask y'all for suggestions, including links to pics or maybe vids of someone making the project, that I can help someone with zero experience to finish and take home in one session.  It could only increase the number of people interested in the craft and hopefully help some young people to see that us old guys CAN be fun.  Simple is the key.


Thanks in advance for all of your ideas and for taking the time to reply.



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Given the time of year, this evening my family just went and attended a quick demo where we made 'candy cane' ornaments for the Christmas tree.   1/4 inch stock, twist along the length,  bend the hook at the end, and quench.   Tie a ribbon on it to dress it up, et voila! 15 minute project. 


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Maybe braceletts?

Some square stock, flatening or maybe even scrolling the ends, twisting it while keeping a cm or so from each side straight, put a slight bend in it to fit around the persons wrist.

Might need some sanding or slight hammering on the inside to dull the edges.

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Everyone seems to get a kick out of knots, no precise forging techniques needed, just bending some metal. This is a video I made a few years ago in my old workshop of making a knot from 6mm (1/4") round bar and attached is a picture of how I used to turn them into keyrings. Enjoyable for kids.


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