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I Forge Iron

They got me...

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Oh boy... After I got home from work Saturday morning I tugged and pulled out all the 'stuff', moved it all under a big ole maple for shade and lit my fire.
Other than an hour here or there the last couple months, I haven't smithed for 2 years due to the MC accident. Today however I had a paying customer and they asked that I could get it to them by Sunday. With all the rain here in Indiana I had little choice but to put it off... I made 12 3/8"x6-7" nails with a 5 point head 1" accrossand just because I had the fire going I started on that spear head for the other guy. (Sorry forgot to snap pictures until after I delivered the goods)

Well, I ended up forging for about 7 hours... I really found out how ineffecient I have become. It took far more coal and hammer swings than it should have. Wore a couple really doozy sized blisters and I am so sore that I just about don't feel like I can move.

At the end I paid my helpers (my twin 10 year old boys) I pulled some 1/4" square stock out and I showed them once then they made their first S hook complete with twists.

All in all, I had a great time!!! Ohhh wheres the Advil...;)

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My wife called and said she was having trouble getting the twins to go to bed tonight... said they was making lists of all the things they want to make next... She says I've created monsters??? who me???

First forged item... treasure for sure.

I,m looking forward to seeing what their minds have conjured up! Maybe it will give dear ole dad some ideas as well?

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You'll learn more of the craft from teaching the kids than you will in any class. You'd better believe they'll give you ideas, their's are untainted by knowledge of what can and can't be done.

Enjoy the journey!


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