Anvil progression and work arounds

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I am going to share some of my experiences and work arounds from the last 18 months. I am no expert and I know I will be corrected if what I say is bogus, and rightly so.

The first two pictures are the anvils I have been working on. The big ugly brute was a hundred dollar auction purchase. It has good rebound but the edges and horn, well the picture tells the story. I learned to draw out and shape hot steel and hammer control. I forged the bick from a buggy spindle so I would be able to better form hooks. The hot cut is from the other spindle.

The blue slab is what I replaced it with. It is a drop from where my son works. I welded the slug on for the horn and angle iron to the flange for the hardy, radiused (sic) to suit my needs. It is mild steel so horrible rebound but 140# under the hammer. I made my first forge weld on it a few weeks ago, plus more hammer control.

Third picture is the Mousehole anvil I have only put to use for one eight hour day. What a world of difference. Fantastic rebound, edges and horn. I finished up the day with eight boundry stakes made of 5/8s sucker rod. I was glad it was only eight.

All of this to say I am thankful for what the first two taught me. Hopefully this makes sense and is helpful to someone out there.





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The blue slab has a brother sitting beside the garage. One will probably end up as a striking anvil the other will probably be used for the anvil for a treadle hammer if I ever get around to it.

Yes, I learned that I didn't need a top of line anvil to get a job done. Hammered out steak turners, bottle openers, hair clasps, hooks.... Put a little money in the anvil account along the and a lot of patience.

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