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My new aquisition, 351# Peter Wright.

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8 hours ago, jlpservicesinc said:

very nice.. Congrats..   This past weekend there was an auction for a passed away smith ..  200kg southern german went for 2100.00.. I would have bid on it had the hardie hole not been 1.5"..  I refuse to by an anvil with a hole larger than 1" now..  Though my 368 HB has 1.375".. 

One can always make an adaptor for the larger holes.

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After doing some info digging and extremely close examination of this anvil it appears that this one hasn't seen any use. There is an ever so slight convex shape to the top plate which by all accounts was Peter Wright's attempt to reduce the swaying effect from heavy use. I wonder if this was a display for a store for most of it's life. You would think they would use a small one as a display.

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Nice Anvil !! I was lucky enough to find this one a couple years ago that was also in Ohio.. its a bit smaller at 290lbs. but also in very good condition... I was so very lucky to pick it up off craigslist it was at a antique store for $375.00 where the lady held it for me to do the 3 1/2 hour drive one way.. even though there was a person at the door when they opened with cash in his hand while I was talking to her on the phone !! that doesn't happen often !!





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