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Libert Sheer question


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Hello all, new to the forum. I recently purchased a property in CT with a large shed that I found had this piece of machinery in it; a Libert Hi Speed Sheer. After a minute of research all I have found is that it is used for cutting sheet metal, but I have no idea what to do with it. Im curious if anyone can enlighten me on exactly what it was used for or the history of the company and how I might be able to get it into the hands of someone who may want it. Not interested in making money, but it looks like a cool tool, and thought maybe someone would want it. TIA for any info/help.








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The blades basically "vibrate" (used loosely) up and down to chew their way down a piece of sheet metal and cut it.  The C shape, called the throat, sets how far from the edge of the sheet you can cut.  It's a good tool for complex shapes that need to be cut into a sheet..and by the looks of it, possibly a fairly thick sheet.

Handy tool in the old days but you can do the same job far quicker and way better these days with a plasma cutter in most cases.

Value..well, you are into 2 different realms there.  Someone might have an idea of how to use the frame for something else like a planishing hammer.  Or you might find someone who simply likes old-school stuff.  Neither is going to bring much money although you might save a treasure from the scrapper.

I'll check out the history part and post more if I find it.

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I don't know if this is the same company but there is a Libert Machine still in Green Bay. You could contact them and they may be able to give you some information based on the serial number (or whatever that number is - A1598     1236) at the bottom of the label plate.

324 N Roosevelt St, Green Bay, WI 54301

(920) 432-2408

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Well, I did spot one that sold in 2016 for $ 700 bucks...similar model but in excellent working shape.  There are also a couple in current equipment auctions of recently closed companies implying that some people still use them in production.

It's curious that there are several google images and a few other references but I can't seem to find one single true company reference to Libert.  All I could find is a mention in someone else's ad from about the 40's.  It seems they would have been big enough to have a mention on *some* internet page...I can always find something on these quests but this one has stymied me so far.

There is also a member of this site who got one for $ 250 a while back who might chime in. Not much other info in the post but you might use the search function to take a look.

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I also saw that there was a current company by the same name in Green bay.  Their website seemed so far a different direction that I didn't think they were related.  Also found another that recently sold for $ 165 at auction that was in only slightly better shape than yours.

Anyway..the reason I am adding is that you should look around for an extension---it attaches to the lower arm of the "C".  Most of these were apparently used as circle shears and that extension forms a pivot to make a circle.  Having that might add to the value and usefulness to someone.  Maybe it's in another junk pile around there somewhere.

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