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I have been on a hiatus from the shop for months now. More than I care to count to be honest. I’m getting stable again and have started scrounging for some materials and stumbled across a couple interesting pieces. I know if I had my forge or at least my grinder running I could narrow this down a little and probably wouldn’t have to bother you fine folks with such a silly question. Attached I show two pictures of one piece that shows and interesting feature on what looks like a broken end. I’m thinking it’s cast iron but would like someone else to tell me to throw them back instead of doing it without me getting prior consultation. 



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On 10/26/2018 at 6:40 PM, Michael Cochran said:




I have a piece that looks exactly like yours that I got in a milk crate full of railroad related metals.

I took a grinder to it and found it to be crumbly and falls apart easily.

Like a bar of slag.




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