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Should I paint my restored Buffalo Forge 615 post drill . . .

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 . . . or should I leave the wire-brushed finish?

Do me a favor and as you reply (Please give the reasons for your opinion, too) quote this:

Paint:    0                 No Paint:      0

And change the total to reflect how your opinion changes the totals thus far.  That way I won't have to try to keep a total in case this thread goes long

as they sometimes do when asking for opinions.

Please be honest and just add one number to the appropriate total, as you will probably never see my post drill, but I do value your opinion as much as the next guy's.

When I decide what to do and get my new (old) drill mounted, I'll post pics.

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21 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

As I don't know what you plan to do with it I can't give an opinion.

Shop Use.  I bought a Kimbark at auction and followed that up with the Buffalo Forge before restoring the Kimbark, then cleaned up the Buffalo Forge first as it was a simpler piece of machinery.  I'm not calling it the start of a collection, but one never knows.  Present plans are just to set it up on a post with a stand as a moveable piece of shop equipment and use it.  I bought a used straight shank Jacobs chuck for it, so it's not going to look original between uses, although the chuck is easily removeable.  I'll post pics once I get it mounted.



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Greetings Deguy,

           I have many post drills . 5 very functional in different shops . Others just to look at. . Most of the ones I restore I leave natural cleaned and oiled with tung oil. I have one that I painted and detailed just for fun . Enclosed a picture of a rear flywheel Columbia . A rare find.  Have fun with your new hobby. 

Forge on and make beautiful things 







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13 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

it sounds like you are near humidity!

Thomas Powers:

Oh, yeah!  Michigan definitely sees it's humidity


Jim Coke:

Is that last pic of a Kimbark?  Mine has that same "Top Gear, Drop Pawl configuration for the vertical drive, though it's a two speed manual drive, not a belt drive, so it's probably a little older.  I've just started tearing it down and cleaning it up, but it seems to be a more intricately built design than the Buffalo Forge 615.  I'm having a lot of fun returning these machines to useable condition.

Once I get the Kimbark back in shape, I'll decide which one I want to keep, and maybe gift the other one to my brother. Or Not.

Went by the builder box store this morning and got a 5" X 5" X 8' timber to mount it to. Now I just have to figure out how I want to build the base

The finish on that rear flywheel drill looks like the finish I'm getting on both drills




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