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I Forge Iron

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Not sure if this is the right place to share this, but here goes...

Used some of the excess from my damascus billet to make this little damascus hammer pendant 

120 layer random pattern

1095 and 15N20

Flattened the metal out with a rounding hammer, then used a belt grinder to create the little hammer.

Sanded to 400 grit, then did a few cycles in ferric chloride/distilled water. Final cut added hydrogen peroxide into the acid.

All of this was done at the shop of the Master Bladesmith i am training under


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Thanks tkunkel.

And Thomas, only did 3 etches into it, just enough for the texture that it catches your fingernails as you slide across it, but it's still really nice and smooth. It is currently sitting with my car keys now, until I can get around to making a chain to wear it from....but, I really dislike forming jump rings, so that might be a little while away.  I really was more curious how it would turn out, as last month we made a 30 inch bar of Damascus, but I haven't been able to get to the shop to forge it. So, on Saturday, after my lesson covering a bladesmithing tips, techniques, etc, I pulled out the bar, and worked on one of the ends, that I already knew I wasn't going to incorporate into a knife. Hammered it out pretty randomly with a rounding hammer, to mix the pattern up a bit more, did a hot cut, and then took the disc of material I had made to the belt grinder for some quality hogging haha.

Probably a bit more explanation than needed...but I was excited to be playing with it this weekend....Life's been waaayyyy too busy for me lately :(


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