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Practicing collaring scrolls

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Collars are typically closed around the items they are going to hold together whilst the collar is hot, the reason being that as they cool they shrink & grip tight. The collar material length is also usually pre-calculated so there is no overlap when folded around, or exessive gap between the butting up seam lines. Sometimes the ends of the collar material stock are tapered so if the material does overlap a little, the overlap isn't visible & the collar maintains the same thickness above the items being collared.

In your video you seem to have forged it cold and have a large overlap, both will prevent a tight fit. It also seems like the central bar is thicker material, which creates a high point and gap under the collar & arguably doesn't help your cause.

I have posted this video elsewhere on the forum in the past but it might help you as it contains theory as well as tooling ideas. A "bad language alert" seems to be the done thing around here to prepare the youthful and/or more sensitive souls.


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