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Alternative to 15n20 for Mosaic Damascus

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I've spent a good bit of time searching for an alternative to 15n20 as a high nickel steel for damascus. It seems that it is only available in thin flat stock. I want to play with some mosaic damascus and find a lot of videos of people stacking square bars, but the closest alternative I seem to be able to find is 4340 in 1/2 round. 

I apologize if this has already been asked. I have looked through the forums. What I'm hoping to find is a steel that I could buy in 1/2 square bar form that would serve to play the part of of the "bright" side of a pattern welded billet. Think checkerboard. What steels would you use and where would you get them. I know someone here must know what is available and where. Again, if this has already been asked, I apologize. Thanks for the help.


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L6 is 2% Ni I buy in 1 inch rounds form crucible (rounds only)  because their melt has .30% Moly., the carpenter melt is available in sheets/bars but has only .10% Moly

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