“Primitive” shop making punched eye axe

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I hate using that term, it’s amazing what these guys do, this shops in Cambodia.

Big piece of shafting for an anvil, and multiple fixtures made by driving spikes into a large piece of timber to hold the axe head for finish work since they don’t have a vise. Hammers, chisels, drifts and a angle grinder (seems everyone has one these, the Nepalese kukri smiths wield them like a precision tool).

Cambodian Smiths  forging punched eye axe heads.

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Bracket and wedge vise parts

vise 05.JPG

In use

vise 02.JPG


4 pins and using the ax head as the wedge. Wood only used to make the fit snug.

vise 03.JPG


Bracket on the side of the bench to hold the as head

vise 04.JPG

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