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Another blade, this time a nessmuk


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This is a blade shape I really long to get into making I haven't gotten around to making it yet. Honestly I haven't found many people that make the nessmuk or at least that show them. My grandfather used a Damascus nessmuk with a bleached bone handle as a skinning knife when I was growing up and it disappeared after he died and I've been wanting to try to recreate it. Great job on this one. It looks very useful.

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Those are beautiful jhcc it's on my to do list but I've only made 4 knives so far and nessmuk hasn't been what they wanted to become I'm still working on learning how to forge different tip shapes but mostly I let the steel decide the shape of the knife mostly for now. I do forge in the tips though I guess that's saying a lot since I haven't had the fish lip problem yet.

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35 minutes ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

A lot of mower blades are a boron alloy now, and take a very specialized heat treating.

Okay I know the brand is atomic blade. I looked up the numbers on it and can't find any alloy info on it but I had planned on trying some test pieces in different quench mediums. Honestly as far as mower parts go I'd rather use the shaft that sticks out of the bottom that the blade attaches to over the blade. Only if the mower was trashed anyways.

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